Flight Simulator X: Source Edition


This was just a greenscreen test but I thought it looked kinda cool :v:

also another shitty test


Greenscreen one isn’t bad, needs work obviously, but not bad.

The plane one, it would’ve been better to copy and paste a plane cockpit on it. Definitely use a nicer map, just too empty and blocky, the airport one.

This is the best airport map for this purpose. Also, the cockpit and the airport are two separate maps.

lol I don’t even know why I made a thread for these


Well, give me links to better maps then. “Nope” just isn’t enough.

Why is that bomb all black? Didn’t you have an actual bomb model to use?

I loved Flight Simulator.

It is an actual bomb model, it’s just gray and it’s under the bomber so it looks black.

Since there is some light emitting from those lamps on the map, make an actual lamp and point it towards the bomb and floor area, and color it invisible so you can actually see the bomb. I also think that the room would be a little more lit in general. Also, you could possibly bloom the picture used in the green screen effect. I’m not sure though, but I think it needs something to make it look much brighter. Just some thoughts.

Looks more like goldsource edition.

Should’ve put Flight Simulator 95 instead of X