"Flight to the Private heaven..." - Helicopter above abandoned port.

only ingame editing.

Original location shot for comparison.

map is D.I.R.I.P. dm_refinery.


Wow nice, almost looks like a real picture

wow, looks great!

GET TO THE CHOPP…wait nevermind…

Almost looks real. Good job.

In-game editing? Don’t try to fool us.

Still, epic.

Christ that looks awesome.


It’s so beautiful :aaaaa:

Looks very beautiful Kari, another good job. :3:

Nice picture.

Hey Karimatrix, Nice build there.

Also, I am talking to you on STEAM.

Nice. A wee bit bright.

I’m a bit numb for sceneries, but this is very nice nevertheless.

Sorry, I really prefer ragdolls more :(.

k cool

Very cool.

Whoa, really nice picture you got there.