Flip Models (i.e. right -> left, etc)

Before you link me to the gmod wiki, I do not want to use FlipViewModel.
Is there any way (I’m using 3dsmax at the moment) to flip a model’s animations in 3dsmax automatically? I don’t want to copy and reverse all the animations from the right arm to the left arm to make it look right.
Is there an easy way to do this?

Use the mirror tool? Just select all without autokey on and mirror it.

Ok, i’ll try this.

EDIT Where is the mirror tool? I can’t find it… O.o

In the top row with big icons.


Alternatively, Mirror modifier does the same I think.

Alrighty, i tried it.
Seemed to work fine until a rather large error in exporting it:
Something along the lines of “ERROR: Bone has a mirrored parent bone [y]. Will attempt to fix”. It finishes exporting, but when i import the finished product, the position of the bones is completely messed up. Any ideas?
Btw, i did the “mirror” tool, haven’t tried the mirror modifier yet.

Mirroring View Models was always hard for me, I hardly could get one to work correctly…

So… Anyone else got any ideas?

Sorry for the bump, just redoing some work.
Any new ideas? :buddy:

If you’re mirroring a view model you don’t have to actually do that. You can just edit the script for it and set “BuiltRightHanded” to 1. The default value is 0 since for Source games you’re supposed to build view models left-handed in the modeling program since they get flipped when they’re compiled, but you can counteract this by doing what I said above. Saves lives. Since you’re making a weapon for Gmod you will probably have to create a new script for said weapon. That I can’t help you with.

But the only way to flip a model in Max is to use the mirror modifier and untick “copy” in the settings of the modifier. That’s THE ONLY WAY! D:

Okay, I tried this. Problem is, it flips each bone individually. So it completely spazzes out when I play the animation. I need some way to flip all the bones, but not individually.