Flipping a skybox

I dont know if this can be done, THIS IS NOT A REQUEST, BUT A QUESTION!
I have this skybox, and your up is facing the planet surface, when I need to have the planet be at your feet.
Is it possible that I could flip each vmf, resort them and rename in an essance to “flip” the skybox? I know it goes by the box arangement but would it be possible?
This is it normally


                                     This is what it might look like upside down.


Comments are appreciated!

There might be issues with the top/bottom matching up.
Give it a shot and post results.


Try it. The only thing that makes a skybox different from a regular texture is the size, and the .vmt.

Ok, so I finnaly got it all done, heres what it looks like now.


What I did was I kept _up and _dn the same, except I reversed their names.
I rotated 180 degrees _bk,_rt,_ft, and _lf.
I then renamed _rt as _lf and _lf as _rt.
:smiley: problem solved.

That looks amazing!

Seriously! That looks so unbelievably cool. What map is this going to be in?


Rated artistic.