Flipping props (Mirror Image)

So basically I’m one of those obsessives who likes to keep things symmetrical when building stuff. This is fine with stuff like PHX, but recently I’ve been doing a lot of vanilla builds using only stuff from HL2 & EP1/2. The only problem I have with this is that there’s often times when I wish I could flip stuff over somehow, as if I could get a mirror image of the prop I’m working with (to keep my contraptions symmetrical). Is this is even possible? I did some searches on garrysmod.org but couldn’t find anything, so could anyone on here enlighten me please?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

No suggestions? :confused:

Well you could try using advanced stacker.It has an option for rotating.So just choose the thing and give it 180 rotation! best part is it welds it WITH the prop you stacked it on! =D

Nope. It’s impossible to mirror an entity in Lua.

But isn’t that what they said about physical clipping? I’m sure a mirror tool will come out eventually.

Ah well, thanks anyway guys. Worth a try I guess.

Are you crazy?
There’s the Physical Clip tool or something that ralle made.
you can get stuff symmetrical with that thing.
Search for it,maybe helps

There’s also a tool called Precision Alignment in Wenli’s Tool Pack

Basically by placing an imaginary plane then rotating props around it, you can mirror contraptions like you described.

But not all props are perfectly symmetrical, is the problem. This guy needs a tool that actually rotates the prop itself.

Did anyone even see my post?! The stacker tool SAVES YOUR F*CKING SETTINGS! Just use the same settings, put in the distance you want them to be seperated by (if you want nay at all!) and give it rotation of 180!

Did you see the OP or my or anyone else’s post? The OP is looking for a stool that FLIPS THE FUCKING PROPS THEMSELVES! So stop pretending to understand what people are talking about.

Rotate != Mirror