Flipping (view)models in blender.

So, another problem I’m posting about again, which annoys me to no fucking end because I can’t figure out a single way to do it. Flipping viewmodels.

I try flipping the bones in the first frame of animation in blender (so that it looks like this)


but it gets fucked and ends up looking like this in HLMV (note it’s also way below the center than it usually is)

people say to try and invert the objects scale, but after trying that, while looking absolutely fine in blender, it completely fucks up in source


i added someone who apparently figured out but they said they did a bunch of complicated shit like adding additional bones and more stuff to the QC and using bone constraints, and before that, adding additional bones from the target skeleton, but he said even he had no idea what the fuck he was doing (and he won’t give QC/blender files so I assume he doesn’t want to me to know or doesn’t want me to have the files)

is there even a way to solve this?

Did you try applying the scale+rotation?

In object mode pressing Ctrl+A gives you a variety of options like that, which will bake the rotations and scale into the mesh.

I made a thread about this before, people say its not really possible.

That’s what I got in blender in the first image I believe

i believe this is one one of the models that the guy I mentioned in the OP figured out how to fix, though, i don’t know how, but it seems like the hands and the AK are attached? i can’t really figure out what’s gonig on

https://my.mixtape.moe/fykujs.zip here’s the model

Scaling just doesn’t work in Source Engine. That’s why it goes insane on last gif.

there’s gotta be a way to do it, surely, without reanimating the model

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please tell us if you know how to scale in source