Flipping what side a pushbar will appear on?

I have a pair of double-doors, using “props_c17/door01_left.mdl”, the popular door model that has tons of different skins. I flipped the door to finish my double doors, set them to “Pushbar”, and later, when I compiled and tested, I discovered that the pushbar on one door is on the side I want it to be on, and the other door, since I rotated it, is on the other side. Is there any way to fix this, as in switch what side the pushbar will be on? Or will I have to fuck the idea of double-doors altogether?

For my set of double doors I used pushbar on one door and handle on the other. I couldn’t figure out another way.

Oh, okay. I’ll just switch them to handles, then.
Also, does anybody know why, when I add lights down this corridor, that the lights seem to flicker as I get closer to them and pass them? And all the way at the end of the hallway, I can’t see the last light.
And why are my prop_statics glowing, no matter what I do?

Copy your compile log and past it in the box in this link http://www.interlopers.net/index.php?page=errors and then click check log you most liking have some bad lighting its the only thing I can think of right now.

Also post some SS of the problem you are having with the prop_static’s in your map so we can see what you mean by they are glowing.

No you can’t flip the handle. Someone should really make a _right version of those doors.