Flippys Melee Swep Pack WIP

I was browsing garrysmod.org the other day and i didnt find many melee swep packs so i decided to make my own!
Its coming out great so far it even has a bunch of holdtypes ive been testin out

The Hammer


The Cleaver


The Brass Knuckles


The Katana

Thats not all though im making like 7 more

The katana looks small, make it bigger.

Thanks for quoting all the images just to comment on one.

As far as scale goes, it’s perfectly fine. It’s just the fact that it looks like a broken Katana.

I think it is.


Make the katana about 20 feet long and have it slice down buildings in one strike :v:

If it’s not too much to ask, can you make killicons for these when you release them? Thanks.

i could try but how do i make them kill icons??


This add-on should help you make sense of how it’s done. There’s very little (if any) code to deal with. It’s mostly just repeating the same material-compilation with different images and then saving them in the correct directory.

And this could also prove useful for you: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Killicon.Add

Either way, I totally agree, it’d be cool to have Killicons for these SWEPs, specially since you have to chance to start early.

Good job though, keep up the great work.

Made 4 more sweps again with fixed world models




"You must cut down the tallest tree in the forest. WITH…


At times like these i wish there were more gib effects in gmod :frowning:

Thank you for letting us satisfy our dreams of beating Antlion Guards to death with fish.

I wish my laptop worked so I could wait for this to be available to DL

I wanna kill something with a fish.
Then jizz on it with the Bukkake Blaster. :v: