Flippys Melee Swep Pack

I have been working on this pack for a long time and im finally finished

Here is a list of the weapons i made


dont worry the file isnt dangerous

Perhaps a video?

Are these SWeps unique? I would rather not download what is essentially a single SWep with 18 different view and world models, to be honest. Anything that makes them better than you average CSS knife?
(Sorry if I seem offensive, but in general, that’s what melee SWeps turn out to be.)

i could make a video but is there a better recording software then fraps??

Looks okay, Ill wait till someone else downloads it.

…Is it safe?

yes it is safe i dunno why is was reported though

Well, I’d like someone other than the developer to comment. It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just a precaution. You understand, correct?


I want machete…


There’s a freaking sausage in there!

Does the poke finger have world models?

no it doesnt

Include mine then.


Nice pack yo

Sorry if I seem annoying, but could you please answer this? Although throwing fish to kill combine certainly is entertaining, I don’t just want 18 CSS knives with different models.

I’m gonna download it only for the poking finger haha.

iron sausage =D

Deleted :expressionless:

I want to play with Brass knuckles and Tazer.

Reupload, please?