Float Prop tool - WIP - Alpha/Beta Release

Hello, this is a testing release, I guess is another way to put it. I have enjoyed playing with this my self and think it’s time to get some feedback.


  • Maintain Set Height, this will make the prop that is tooled float x units above the ground using the Float Height, Velocity Dampening and Float Force Settings.
  • Maintain Set Angles, this will make the prop that is tooled keep the angles it had when tooled using the Velocity Dampening and Float Force Settings.
  • Maintain Set Position, this will make the prop that is tooled maintain the position in the world it had when tooled using the Velocity Dampening and Float Force Settings.
  • You can use any combination of the three, along with the settings to get many different affects.
  • And the unexpected feature…

Stiff Ragdoll Posing

  • When using the tool on a ragdoll with the keep height and keep angles set, it is pose able but won’t fall when you adjust it.
  • Stop floating when hurt( drop on damage ), as seen in videos.

Newest Video (made just before release):

Old WIP Videos:

Alpha/Beta Download (via dropbox)

Extract Zip to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/


Remember this is Alpha/Beta and there will be bugs

Know bugs:
If the force is too high and the prop’s weight too low, things spazz.
Sometimes correcting angles takes way too long or doesn’t stop.

Please post any more in the thread.

So, reading the summary, it’s basically a more versatile Hoverpad?

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Sounds nifty.

Awesome job. Glad you released it [img_thumb] http://i55.tinypic.com/ac76uu.png [/img_thumb]

So does it hover relative to the ground below it? So that if i start going up a steep ramp it wont just go straight into it, it will actually change its angle and float so far away from the ramp?

It will go up the ramp, but will keep it’s angles based on the options used when it was tooled. So original angles or no angle keeping but the height is relative to what is below it. I could probably add a follow ground angle option though.

Originally when I started this I was making a tool to create platforms like in old NES games. The kind that float in the air and then drop when you jump on them, but since prop_physics doesn’t have a touch hook =( that wouldn’t work. I did do it with a custom prop_physics_ex class, but then why use a tool?
While testing I discovered my code makes ragdolls stiff and much easier to pose.

If you select the keep Height box, whatever you left click on try and remain that far from the ground, if this is the only box check it will not keep it’s angles and will rotate freely.

If you select the keep angles box, the prop will try and keep the angles it had when the tool was used on it, but can drop and move freely otherwise.

If you select keep position it will try and keep the prop exactly where it was when the tool was used on it, but will rotate freely.

To get the ragdolls stiff, use the keep height and keep angles checks.

The keep position setting override keep height, so you really only need one or the other.

Float height is the distance to maintain from the ground.
Float force is how strong it pulls back to it’s height/position.
Float Velocity dampening affects how bouncy it is getting back to it’s position/height.

so a plate with 0 dampening will jump up and down for quite a while before settling and with dampening set to 1 it will go directly back without jumping around much or at all.

After I figure out what other features to add or what bugs are in it now, i’ll fix up the op with better usage instructions.

Just a Quick note, finally got around to testing on my server, and yea, this is a single player tool only, massive lag, massive

can you set which axis a prop rotates on?

no, this is mostly an abortion. It will just try and hold the angle the prop was at when tooled, it rotates the shortest distance it can to maintain. The main reason I relased this is if used on a ragdoll it will make the ragdoll stiff and easy to pose, it also does fairly well for floating platforms, they will maintain height and angles and still be move able. With most ragdoll you can use a height of 42 and they will stand on their own, and with drop on damage set they will act like a ragdoll again when shot or hit by a car.

alright, cool addon, this will come in handy