Float when dead? Flood mapping.

Is it possible to float when dead? Because ive noticed that my map and other maps for flood mod that when you die you just fall through the water pretty much. It’s probably because of the func_water_analog. but im thinking maybe make another brush and parent to the func_water. But idk how to find the water entity that would float the dead boides.

You could try having a trigger that has zero gravity inside it and placing it from the top of the water to a couple feet down and parenting it to the rising water. I don’t know how well it would work though

I can’t think of any way to accomplish this using mapping. Maybe lua is the only way.

Gm_Construct has it on their map…

trigger_vphysics_trap might work.

It’s just basic game physics.

yes i know, but how do you get it working with a flood map?

You could try what Node said, but with the gravity covering the water contents completely then parent a func_push lightly pushing upwards. Should work… Theoretically.

There is no such thing as a func_push. It’s a trigger_push.

I think this might be the best way to do this.

One option I saw involved moving ALL PARTS OF THE MAP EXCEPT THE WATER BRUSH, and using regular water.

Now, this could mean various problems with lighting etc, but it should theoretically work.

Frozen props will screw it up?

Debris won’t float in func_water_analog, it will only work if the server has deathfix so that your body actually becomes a ragdoll.


That’s because it’s not func_water_analog. :v:

So if i put a normal water brush. Will it work? And parent it with the func_water_analog?

No. Normal water cannot be parented to anything and cannot move, func_water_analog was designed to be used where moving water was necessary.

And there were no “Debris Bodies” in Half-Life 2 in the area with the cheap func_water_analog, therefore unless you use deathfix or something, there is no way to get a body to float in func_Water_analog.