Floating Arm Trebuchet

Also the video is WTF quite, I doubt anyone will be able to hear it at all. Thanks youtube!

Basically, the arm is free to move and generate extra torque while it fires, and is one of the best (and coolest) trebuchet designs you can make.

Here’s a table of distances I was able to launch different weighted projectiles.

Weight Distance
1Kg 100m
3Kg 150m
5Kg 160m
10Kg 200m
25Kg 450m
35Kg 400m
50Kg 250m


Dang…nice and simple system. Better than the c17-monolith blue dumpster catapult things people make. Treuchets are a more rewarding challenge…i once made one based off a pulley, and to fire you used the weight tool to jack up the weight quickly

its nice but are you trying to simulate a real trebuchaut

Floating arm trebuchets do exist, there’s also a more efficient design called the Floating Arm King Arthur trebuchet. Both are considerably more modern than what we typically consider “trebuchet era” though.

Looks good but is there any particular reason you allow the counterweights to smash into the ground? From what I understand the floating arm’s efficiency comes from the fact that the counterweight falls in a straight downward path, but if you stop the weights early you aren’t getting their full potential, yes? The arm should point straight up when the counterweight is at the bottom.

I have made one of those in gmod.