Floating Armored Cube

I’m sure I am not the first but it is pretty awesome.


Here is the how-to, so you can create them too.

i think what that guy built above his door in the picture is far more interesting

Way to abuse glitches guy. This type of gameplay isn’t allowed on my server.

How about my house from two wipes ago- that one is pretty interesting!


That’s my base in the first post and me building. I can show you how I did it too if you want. Opens up a neat way to put angled windows and easy exit (or shooting) doors. I actually really like them at the moment because you can crouch until the end of them, stand up and your head and weapon are poking out. Also, a great place for the architectural lighting- very important!

Is that your place with the floating cubes Insub?

Go home Frank, you’re drunk!

Lol, I just looked at what I wrote and was like what the hell!