Floating Bases in rust?

Has anyone seen these before? if so how are they even made!?!

^ Not sure if this was photoshopped or hacker/admin coded to be the way it is, but this is the only thing I have come across.

If pillars and ceilings were destructible, it could be possible.

One thing with the above base though… give me some time with a bunch of wood and there’s a pile of open windows and walls I could build stairs to.

Admin just has to create some pillars and get a good two story building, branch out from that single building then remove the bottoms.

Yes a guy named Kusache I believe made a thread about it. It was still raidable but I believe this design can be perfected somehow. Im trying myself. Search for “c4 proof base” on the forum and you will find his thread with pictures/video/descriptions. I really like the design and MOST players do not even try to figure out how to get inside. Those with a lot of time on their hands and patience can mostly still get in though.

There is an oxide plugin that allows u to destroy stuff you build. Thats how they did it

Ive seen no life hacker put a foundation in the air but this base design is pretty dumb because you cant go in if your down on the ground… A retard would build this and say: ahh finally, oh wait how do i get in? Then we would probably commit suicide and buy some hacks because he officially has no more life

This shouldn’t be possible. There should be checks in the game to make sure that there is always the required structures underneath the other structures. Destroying the supporting pillars below would then destroy anything they’re supporting. Apparently this wasn’t thought of, though.

This is possible via the Remove script for Oxide, It allow players to remove incorrectly placed items

It is also one of my fears whilst running it on my server lol

On my server we run the script for admins to be able to remove pillars + foundations.

However none use them to make a floatable base, looks stupid and ruins the point of the game.

Who would have thought… I mean really why would the developers design code to prevent something from happening on a server running a mod. The fact that bases decay down, and support structures cant be destroyed means this can’t happen normally. Until you can destroy support structures there is no need for code to check for that.