Floating bases still possible?

I’m still seeing floating bases, well mostly being used for auxiliary cupboards. The server I’m on does have /remove tool mod, I’ve tried doing it with pillars and walls, I’ve tried removing them and not the foundation and vice-versa and yet it always falls. How are players still accomplishing this?

I’m not saying I agree with them doing this I’m just curious how this is still possible.

stability when something is destroyed is calculated for floors up to 5 stories on top of what you destroy…
(or something like this)

so. try this… make a simple tower 1x1 7 stories…
destroy the base… see how many things stay floating… there yuo go, you can make a base at that lavel that wills tay floating even if someone comes and throws 80 c4 at your foundations.

These floating items still happen. It takes a server reboot to recalculate stability and finally collapse them.

It is one of those semi cheats… the problem is that the game engine does not calculate in real time ( too taxing for the CPU ) each elements there stability after for instance a C4 blast. It seems the developers put in a limit on the calculations ( to prevent the server from spiking its CPU and lagging everybody out just because on group destroyed a tower somewhere on a map ).

So when the server reboots, it recalculates every structure its stability and collapses those that do not meet the requirements.

There are indeed some strange effects when it comes down to stability. Some people complained when walls vanished and i point out to them to check the stability of the item below there walls… yea… it was very low. They where able to build there wall originally but when the server recalculated it, …

And at times you can get strange effects: Place a wall at 4th floor, with walls below it. And you may have 80% stability. Place a wall at the same level, supported with pillars and floor but no walls below and suddenly you have 35%.

Place a wall below the 35% one, remove the 35% and replace. And you get 50% …

One really needs to build floor by floor to have maximum stability going up. Forgetting to do a wall and entire levels higher, that one wall part can become a stability problem. Even when you later add the wall on the lower floor, it does not seem to recalculate ( even with a server reboot / recalculate ) those upper walls.

In other words, there is a threshold as to what the server calculates.

I’m not saying its not true, but i had things floating regardless of the height. Thing even 1 story higher than the foundation. it doest have to be higher than 5 stories. it will stay floating also at 4, 3, 2 or 1 stories higher. sometime it just stay floating at head level and i can hit it with a pickaxe.

The last base my crew forcefully removed was a 5 x 5 x 4. We removed the foundations. The 3rd and 4th floors stayed intact and floating. Luckily it was a Wednesday and the patch the following day forced a server restart which then removed the base.

Last week I made a 4 floor geometric base about 7x7x4 but lost it to raiders. I went back to knock it down and start over, killed the foundation all the way under it, lost the first floor but floors 2-4 remained fully intact. It’s still there, floating, but you can’t place anything inside, stairs, half blocks, etc. they all just crumble despite the floor showing 50% stability.

Should have left the foundation & built up to the floating floors, assuming the cupboard permissions still allowed you to. If you can replace the supporting floor it will allow you to build again but very difficult to get a new foundation to line up once the original is removed.