Floating Health Stations; Can Walk Through Props - Settings problem?


It’s been a few days since I’ve started my new server and there’s a couple issues so far:

• Health Stations float where they’re deployed.

• On multiple maps (like ttt_magma and ttt_plaza_b?), players can simply walk through props. On ttt_the_shrekoning the turtle for the map Easter egg floats, unable to be grabbed, shot down, etc.

I suspect one of my superadmins messed with a server setting, as our last server didn’t have this issue. I’ve asked, but of course, they said they didn’t change anything. Any ideas as to what files would contain any relevant settings and/or bugs? I’ll post their values on request.

Is CSS mounted on the server properly?

What Niandra said. The reasons the health stations float are because the propmodel belongs to CS:S (Office) and certain props on those maps you mentioned are also from CS:S. If you do not know how to mount certain games to your servers, please refer to: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Mounting_Content_on_a_DS

This is what my mount.cfg looks like:

     "cstrike"    "C:\gmodcontent\cstrike"
     "tf"    "C:\gmodcontent	f"

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Update: I’m a derp; I was using the Windows format when the server runs off of Linux. Changed mount.cfg to:

     "cstrike"    "/home/tcagame/cstrike"
     "tf"    "/home/tcagame/tf"

Fixed the haunted Health Stations. Hope that fixed the phase-props as well. Thanks for the help.