Floating houses,trees and can't open doors

I have a big problem.
I spent like 15 hours on friday building my house. And today when i logg in my house and trees are floating in air and i can’t open any doors.
Whats the problem and how do i do so it won’t happen again?



It’s Alpha, after every Server Update your Houses and Trees are flying and you have to generate a new world.

Thanks for the reply SirEb!
So building and upgrading is a waste of time?

Kinda, my trees where flying after every update, so i didnt start really playing

Well it sucks…
But i love the game and i now it will only get better.
Have a nice day!

What is your world seed set to? If it’s default, 0 or a negative number this will happen.

Thanks spaceneenja!
That worked.