Floating island model

Ok now I am just looking for someone to perhaps make a floating island model.

I want to use it on a map I’m making and make it move when I push a button. I tried using hammers brush tool but it won’t allow any brush to be a tanktrain if it has displacements on it. So yeah I’m not bothered about how big or detailed it is I just want a basic island with grass on top and dirt at the bottom and perhaps slightly hilly.

Oh and here is some reference pics and yes I did kinda get the idea of the floating island on a map from the Gorillaz video.



Sorry about the size of that pic there. Oh and I don’t mind waiting for the model unlike most people who make requests.

maybe someone could make one through propper

Do you mean just release it as well? That is a good idea. I looked and didn’t find it anywhere. It seems strange to me no one has modelled it before and I would do if I had a clue how to model but nope I don’t.

how big did you want it?

im just gonna read a 140 paged document and im on it :P.
I am going to try to do something like this though, once i’ve read that document

Hmm well I’m not that bothered about the size but something that can fit a few players onto or maybe a tiny structure.

Just a basic thing here but the purple box/green guy is the player size and well I would like it to this kinda scale. But I don’t mind if you have to make it a bit smaller or larger. The bottom of the island’s size doesn’t matter as well, so long as its not ridiculously huge/small.




Fuck that looks awesome Hammond.
What program are you doing it in? 3DSMax?

Cinema 4D

That is epic! Thanks for taking on the job it means a lot to me!

yeah, no problem, how does it look so far? what do you want changed/added?

Well it looks perfect up to now. I wonder if you could add one or two small roots perhaps sticking out the sides, nothing special just for a little extra effect.

yeah, I am planning on adding alot of detail like that.

Thats great. This will work well in my map I’m making and of course credits shall go to you and your great model.

Took a while for the grass to grow:


I actually need to trim it a bit…


eh, my textures need some work…

Hey its great and textures take some time to get right on anything trust me I know.

Pretty nice. But id rather a map of these floating above a forest, or clouds. That would be sweet.