Floating Land Skybox Methods

So first off I will preface everything with:
The admittance of doing a search that yielded no suitable results. If I am wrong and missed it then I would like to apologize and thank whoever points me in the right direction with this question in advance.
Also I am semi-beginner status when it comes to mapping. I know how to make water, I know how to make a 3D sky box, I know how to make elevators, and I know better than to de-compile someone else’s map, tweak it, and claim it as my own.

That being said:
What I am trying to figure out is what would be the best way to make a 6-sided sky box drop that box feeling. In other words I am trying to make a floating land mass amongst the clouds feel seamless. I looked up several ways to accomplish this, tried one or two, and I am curious on what someone more experienced than me would do to accomplish a seamless skybox.

Once again thanks to all who reply and foremost those who help!

What do you mean by seamless skybox? Skybox is seamless by deafault. I mean, you don’t see it as a box in game, unless you are doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Firstoff: Thank you for your response & totally dig the name lol.

I do know that in the source engine the sky is supposed to be locked to the player’s perspective but when I use the 2D “skybox” texture I notice the box in skybox. Also what would be the best texture to choose under map properties? Would it be more beneficial to go with a 3D skybox to create the illusion of additional distance? Thanks again!

From memory the default skybox has visible seams. Go to the VDC skylist for a list of them (also has recommended light angles and colours which is useful.
You can also try making one using Terragen if none you can see are fitting your map, or download some from gamebanana/here (firegod522 makes some awesome skyboxes: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3779442/skybox_website/sunfolder/skybox_list_v2.html).

As for your question, consider using an env_fog_controller to blend to the skybox seamlessly. Choose a colour similar to that of your skybox texture and it should be good.
You don’t really need to use a 3d skybox really for this kind of project if you don’t want to see the ground, but it might be beneficial if you wanted to make some cloud models and place them below/above you for some extra depth. If you want to see the ground below you, using a 3d skybox for this would be good.

Wow, thank you for the amazing answer! I wish there was a button on these forums I could click the sh** out of to thank you.

Is there anything weird with maximum sized maps and 3D skyboxes because when I make a medium sized map the 3D skybox isn’t a problem but for some reason it doesn’t work quite right when it is near its max sized. I won’t ask anyone to hold my hand on it (too many do, so not gonna be one of them) just a yes/no answer is much appreciated seeing how all free help thus far has been hugely appreciated.

Source is not good with big open areas. In your case it’s probably one big empty area, right?
It can causes lots of problems. The question is, do you really need map that is almost max size of hammer grid?

And use “toolsskybox” texture not “skybox 2d”. You won’t see box effect anymore.

The biggest roblem with standard HL2 skyboxes is that they don’t have bottom. I mean it fades to grey. You probably should look for custom skyboxes or use fog or models like Dwarf said to cover it.

I don’t know why but I made a drawing, about 3d skybox and how I would make a map like this:


You probably made the drawing because you are awesome, that’s why!

Seriously, I thank you for your help as it is immensely appreciated and the attached drawing is extremely helpful. I will heed its wise advice, print it out, then make love to it… although I may just skip the last step, either way you probably don’t wanna know lol

That being said it has a large bottom level with a pond and much smaller ones above pouring water into said pond. So the space is sort of used but also kind of empty as I gave it some padding.

I think knowing that size does matter to Source I may just downsize it. Again, a HUGE thanks for the drawing, I didn’t expect everyone to be so awesome…really wish there was a thank you button or something I could spam the sh** out of. I suppose either way I’ll just hafta learn more mapping so I competently can pay it backwards / forwards (depending on how you look at it).