Floating money

On my darkrp server whenever a person drops money or buys a money printer the money that it spits out just sits either floating or on the ground and it cant be picked up. I do have CSS mounted so don’t tell me to do that again because I tried. Also it is just money that floats, weapons are fine they work as normal.

Check http://forum.darkrp.com/threads/x.27/ … first point to look when troubleshooting.

I already said I had css mounted. So the link you gave me didnt help.

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I just reinstalled css and re-mounted it and it still doesnt work, I dont think that is the issue

Is it mounted on the server? You didn’t make that clear.

Is there somewhere it says if it is mounted? I have my mount.cfg set to the correct location

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Ok i figured it out, it is not mounted but how do I mount it then? it is in the same folder as my garrysmod folder, and my mount.cfg is set to mount it from there

Dont know what I did, but it is fixed now