Floating platform DM map.

My idea for a map that was requested. its supposed to “Build onto itself as you go” Im curious to see if source wont shit itself if i try to add this many pads. So, take a look at the Diagram below(if you can understand it lol). Is it plausible? if you guys dont get it i can elaborate.

I don’t get this map at all. What are you exactly trying to recreate, son?

I was afraid of this. When you step on a platform, the platforms “around” it(that are currently on the bottom of the map)Go up via the ontouch command. and it continues on from there with the different platforms. Understand now?

In other words a dynamic climb map?

Sort of. but the platforms go up to the same height. but that might be a good idea… Ill think about it.

I rated you artistic.

Spawning wouldn’t work properly because you can’t move spawn points.

probably just have a couple static ones to start off on.

But if the platforms were constantly rising, how would newly-spawned players reach the combat area?

I see the dilemma. Got it, at spawn, it automaticly puts up the ones around the spawn pad. because once you step off the pad you just stepped on, the one before it goes down. if you get what im saying.


Demo, what im doing here is, get ready for a wall of text, the player spawns a hexagonal pad that is supposedly high in the air being held up by a pole in the middle. The one you spawn on will be a static brush that wont have any entitys attached (Aka no func_door). And there will be 4 around it. once you step on one of those, the pad you stepped on will “grow” 2 more to the sides. Once you step on that one, 2 more grow. and once you step on one of those, the one you stepped on 2 times before goes back down. then this repeats. Its like a big math problem. Nead any more elaboration?

Oh i get it. But i dont wanna Explain it

You mean like dm_reconstruct?

Never seen that map before, might have to go see if its anything like what im thinking of.

I’d like to see a version of this where the pads rotate at different altitudes around a center pole kinda like that one tomb raider movie and you need to jump from pad to pad.

On Topic: This looks like an interesting idea, but having 20 people on different pads may be a bit confusing/frustrating.

map would probably be meant for small amount of people, considering source shitting itself if i had this many brushes

Parent a info_teleport_destination to a track train, and have the player spawn somewhere on the map inside of a func_teleport, so that they are teleported to the info_teleport_destination

I think I understand what you want, and I made a small map out of it. I’ll give you a download link for it if you want.
here’s a picture of what it does.

The only problem with it is that all of its textures like to repeat, so if there is a shadow or a spray on one, it is now on all of them.

Ok, give me the link and ill check it out.