Floating Text?

Ok, quick question. I need to have some text floating in mid air in a CSS map. I’ve seen it done on other maps as button labels and the like. So, how would I do this?

game_text I think

It’s not game_text, that’s all I know.

They are brush based

It’s point_message if I remember correctly.

Its brush based.
He means static position, not dynamic screen position

No, I know it isn’t brush based.
I want the floating text the is always facing in your direction.

Like in rp_cscdesert?

Uhhh… I don’t know, I haven’t played that map in forever. Let me find a picture.


Ok, going ingame to get a screenshot. While I’m gone, maybe you guys can help me with another problem. How would I go about having everyone (In CSS) spawn without any weapons?


The map crashes in GMod…
Leme try HL2:DM…

I know what you mean, floating text, like this:

That’s point_message.

The text doesn’t show up in HL2:DM… ARG…


YES! That’s it. Unfortunately when I tried point_message it didn’t show up…
And yes, I did fill in the necessary boxes…

You set developeronly mode to 0? And you made something enable it?

Yes and… Errr… Let me go check…


Theres no box for “Always on.” How might I do that…?

Just create a logic_auto and set it to the enable input, logic_auto fires every time the map finishes loading.

Oh wow thats really cool.
Try decompiling the map


Oh wow thats really cool.
Try decompiling the map

What’s cool? The entity?

The effect., yeah

Yeah, I love using it, the bad thing is that people don’t know about it alot so you never see it used.

I’ve never quite understood inputs and outputs, car to give a slightly more detailed explanation?

Make a logic_auto and set the output “onMapSpawn” to fire the “Enable” input on the point_message entity.