Flood gamemode?

Hey, I was thinking of starting up a Garry’s Mod flood server, I was not sure about it since I saw someone got their server taken down.
I was wondering if it is a public gamemode or not? (seen tons of links online.)
If you happen to know anything about it please leave a reply.

Who had their server taken down?

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what you’d be interested in is the public version derived from the original gamemode, which is this:

No official public release for GM13; just a bunch of leaks.

wait you mean the link I posted was a leak?
And what about the version he released on Workshop for some time before it got taken down?

I’m pretty sure a majority of the ones out now are based on some leaked code, but there was a publicly released version for gmod 12.

I modified the one BFG9000 Said got scoreboard and a better weapons system feel free to use it ill help you if you need it just add me on steam