Flood gamemode!


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Beta server out, scroll down for more information.
We also have a new blog site for info on the server and what is new. You can find out about stuff that most people don’t know yet.
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**Flood Mod**


[release]It’s finally here! Flood mod is a build, fight, and survive gamemode. You build boats before the timer runs out and start fighting other players. Every second you are alive you get cash that you can use to buy more props.

At this time you have 6 minutes to build a boat(or anything that floats!)

You have 10 seconds to get on your boat before it floods!

Destroy other player’s boats so they fall in the water and die!


Players falling into the water and struggling to get back on their boat before they die is the funniest thing you will ever witness.

Float back down to the bottom and view all the damage that has been done before you have time to rebuild![/release]

What admins see in the admin menu:


What players see in the admin menu.


New pictures:















Current Features:
[ul]Spawn menu sizes - The custom spawn menu now resizes to your resolution! Unlike most other servers, no matter what resolution you have you will see the menu the way everyone else does.[/ul]
[ul]Prop Remover - Gives you back cash depending on the damage of your prop.[/ul]
[ul]Prop Healer - Heals your props for some cash.[/ul]
[ul]Weapon Remover/Adder - Removes or gives weapons depending on what stage it is.[/ul]
[ul]Prop Unfreezer - Unfreezes all props when the build stage is up.[/ul]
[ul]Bonuses - $5 for every second you live in the fight stage and $200 for being the last alive.[/ul]
[ul]Custom spawn menu - This is designed a bit off the old one but will soon have more things.[/ul]
[ul]Custom huds - They are pretty.[/ul]
[ul]Weapons - crossbow and rpg so far.[/ul]

Future plans:
[ul]Different weapons to fight with - rpg, gernade, mines, ect…[/ul]

:siren:Here is a list of what is needed for the map.:siren:

Map Necessities

[ul]Map Size: Around 2000 by 2000 the smallest and 3500 by 3500 largest. The map doesn't need to be square.[/ul]
[ul]Map Content: Try to stick with garrysmod textures ect, I don't like players seeing errors just because they don't have a mod.[/ul]
[ul]Lighting: Not dark/foggy, need to be able to see across the map when flooded.[/ul]
[ul]Map Style: Don't make a desert that spontaneously floods, maybe a sewer or fish tank ect.[/ul]
[ul]Map Props: Must be prop_static.[/ul]
[ul]Map Structure: When the map is flooded there must be no object a player can stand on to avoid the water.[/ul]

Water Necessities

[ul]Water Entity: Should be tied to the func_water_analog entity.[/ul]
[ul]Water Texture: nature/water_movingplane[/ul]
[ul]Water Name: water[/ul]
[ul]Water Speed: This is equal to your waters move distance divided by 30. Just round to the next number if decimal.[/ul]
[ul]Water Waves Height: 3[/ul]
[ul]Water Size: Must be taller then the move distance. If the move distance is more then the height it will float into the air leaving space under the water to walk.[/ul]

Trigger Hurt Necessities

[ul]Trigger Size: Must be equal to the size of the water.[/ul]
[ul]Trigger Damage: 3[/ul]
[ul]Trigger Damage Cap: 6[/ul]
[ul]Trigger Damage Type: Whatever is appropriate to the map setting.[/ul]
[ul]Trigger Parent: water[/ul]
[ul]Trigger Name: Whatever you want it to be.[/ul]



The server is always full so come as soon as you can.
Also, we really need some people to donate so the server can stay up. Right now it’s only for a month. But for more information get on the game and go to the donations tab in the ‘Q’ menu.

Post any other comments or suggestions.


I will after I fix a few bugs, people start posting comments or suggestions! All these views and 1 post.

This looks fun. Perhaps a survival mode that encourages cooperation could be derived from it?

Something along the lines of being stranded on a small platform on the corner of the map, and having to make a boat to sail across toxic waters to safety while fighting some force or another.

Looks great.
I like the idea.

Dude! This will be really cool when your done with it. Good job and keep up the good work, I hope to see and play this soon !

Hmm, I’ll think about that.

This looks promising, If it is not too much of a hassle could I provide the official maps for this?

Yea that would be nice, the one I have is pretty crappy but any maps from anyone would be good.
2 good maps you can do are a fish tank and a bathtube/sink. But any other maps you make will be good also.

(Also I was really asking for official rights to mapping for this… IE: on mods staff as mapper :v:… :lol:?)
Well I, ironically, already have a map that would be perfect for this…But what would you say that a normal size for this gamemode would be? I am guessing about smallish but still large…so around half medium…
and Fl_ would be the map section tag correct?

By the way, a fishtank would be impossible as the sides of the tank would look weird, but i can make something similar, as in your still in a tank but you can’t leave it and look into it like a real one.

Forgot to ask, How does the water work on this gamemode… Does it auto detect the water and make it raise?

Woah, I’ve waited for this kind of gamemode for ages now. I’ve got a great feeling about this!

Oh, by the way, you should add cannons. That would just be awesome.

I wish you the best!

Yea, you can be the official mapper, add me on steam “alex2916s”. Also the maps should e medium, right now I only have pistols to fight with and it pushes boats away slowly and it’s hard to fight with pistols from across the map >< so I really need to get some more weapons and such.

As for mapping this is what you need:
[ul]2 buttons that activate water_analog[/ul]
[ul]Button one - LiftIt[/ul]
[ul]Button two - LowerIt[/ul]
[ul]Speed I think is around 30[/ul]

[ul]1 trigger_hurt size of water but 1 pixel below so it doesn’t somehow mess up the view of the water.[/ul]
[ul]Half second pain about 3-4[/ul]
[ul]Second pain about 6-8[/ul]
[ul]Parent the trigger_hurt to water_analog[/ul]
I don’t think I missed anything but just pm if you have a question about any other settings.

You really should get it so that you do not need the buttons and the gamemode handles it.
Also would electric water be fine :D?
I added you on steam.

Awesome, I could imagine this is going to be sucessful.

Oh god, this looks like it could be very entertaining.

Looks like a pretty solid idea! Any idea on release date?

I’m going to run it for awhile privately no more then a month and after that I will have it released.(hopefully with no bugs) Until then you guys can play it on a dedicated of mine when I get it up, I will post the ip in the thread when I’m done fixing some stuff.

sounds awesome :smiley: sadly i am not a great builder lol, but still looks fun

Just a few things: I want to make a map, and you described how to pretty well in the above. Only have a few questions.
Do weapons (outside of what the players get) mess up the gamemod in any way? I want to make a map which the objective is to get to a small island in the middle, and there is an SMG that you can take to use to your advantage.
I understand that players cannot step on water, however is it possible to have multiple brushes of water if they are controlled by different buttons?
And third, how are you going to give newer players an advantage so that they have a chance to beat the more advanced players?

Look forward to it!:slight_smile:

Well the way the maps work is very “hacky” right now and I will soon switch it so it doesn’t need buttons. Also new players right now are the same as any other player, there aren’t many things yet. Also money raises pretty quick and you get cash every second you survive. I’m sure I will think of some ways to balance things out.