Flood (Halo 3)

i accidentally posted this in the models/skins section, sorry bout that


can someone please create/ port whatever, the flood from halo 3?

it would be awsome if we could pose the flood forms in gmod

i would love to see

Flood parasites (normal flood parasites)

Flood marines (infected marines)

flood Elites (infected Elites)

flood carriers (fat flood carrier that explodes on contact, or when shot)

flood brutes (infected brutes)

and possibly the flood nightmares, which is the big flood that can change shape:

spider flood (flood walker, can walk on ground, walls, and i think ceilings)

needler flood (shoots needles out of its back, which act sort of like the needler gun for covenant)

Behemoth flood (big flood, using melee to kill its target, and i think it can puke out smaller flood forms)

There were flood models in the Halo 3 pack that Ghostz put up a while back. I never took a look at them so I don’t know if they’re intact and ready to be compiled for Source.

oh ok, well, i dont think i got to download this pack that you speak of, that and i dont even remember one, i just really like the flood, i dont really care much for the other charecters

The pack was not gmod ready I took a look and all are there except the “nightmare” forms and a carrier im pretty sure once I get my autodesk software back I will look into it again.

well if you can look into it later on, thank you very much