Flood Mod - "To recreate or not recreate, that is the question."

Hi, i am looking once my exams finish to begin work on a 6 week project starting around the 2nd week of June. My question to you is, do you think flood mod needs a recreation, not necessarily with any twists, just to bring it up to speed with recent garrysmod enhancements?
I do not plan to impose on find me’s original but from my knowledge it is outdated, am i correct to believe this? I simply am asking, do you believe a new version is needed that will be kept up to date and receive updates every so often.

I am here to ask your opinions on this and if you would use it yourself or know someone who would?

I appreciate your time and accept all constructive criticism.

Note to admins:

If you feel this thread has been misplaced please feel free to move it, although if foreclosure is attempted, i know it is a lot of effort but may i please get a chance to discuss the case as i wish to use this thread to judge whether or not it is worth recreating the old and widely popular gamemode ‘Flood Mod’ although you may deem this thread unnecessary. Thank you.

The gamemode is popular, extremely attractive, and the best thing in the world. Do it. But at the same time, don’t do it just for the fame. And if anything, try to do it justice because no one has got that far yet from what I see.

In Flood servers at the moment you just end up with a big team of people that are going to win every round, any boats they blow up the people from that boat will most likely swim to the boat that killed them and jump on that. At this point you all just wait on the winning boat for the round to be over and it turns into a clock watching game.

Recreating Flood would take an hour or two at most, if you want to do something worthwhile redesign flood make some changes to the core concept of the gamemode to fix the flaws that are currently in it as well as making it more fun.

Redesign don’t recreate

Can you finish apperbank first please?

one of the things i tried to fix was making it hurt you (and push you off) if you were on someone else’s boat.

I have seen this used on some servers I think it is a bad fix for it, because now you can’t be a pirate and steal others ships or jump on parts of broken ships.

And both things are a valid part of the game

If you want, you can continue my flood based gamemode that I had abandoned because I don’t have the time to finish it.

The code is here on github.

If I was to do AperBank it would not be for a few weeks minimum to start.

I’d love it to be a gamemode that can just be on/off. Everything contained within the gamemodes/floodmod/ folder so that it can be interchangeable with other gamemodes like sandbox.

I would install an option for example called pirate mode. Allowing users to board others boats, but only allowing the use of melee weapons throughout the round. Whereas normal mode allows you to use all weapons but not board others boats.

Why not disallow ‘pirating’ for a short while after round start? Means you need your own boat and that you won’t be restricted to it forever.

I’ve already got a working version on Gmod’s workshop.

He’s talking about re-making it though, not just fixing it for GM13. Unless that’s what you did but I can’t tell.

I’m talking about remaking it.

Also, Hovaku, I would apreachiate you not advertising in my thread…

Sno (the original Flood Mod creator) is working on new updates to his Flood servers. This includes a new shop, customizable models and more. :rock:

Proof? As he posted as first comment and never said this

While Sno is not the original creator, he has gotten Flood from the creator and has been updating it recently, I’ve asked him myself if I can use it, but he said no.

Does the “hey I see you’ve got a really popular private script would you mind giving it to me” gambit ever actually work?
Kids used to ask me that all the time when I was still running a server and they always seemed confused when I told them to get lost.

Well I had a leaked copy and asked if I could use it. I expected a no but figured I would ask. The owner for the server I develop for even offered to pay him for a copy. I’ve thought about developing my own, but I have never tried a gamemode and don’t even know where to start.

I’m not sure what this has to do with Flood that I am making?