Flood PR (1.6.1+)

I bet you all remember Flood from find me, which was then worked on by BoingBoing, which is now… still worked on by BoingBoing!

I recently managed to get him started on Flood once again, but due to a ban, (That does seem to happen often around here…) BoingBoing asked me to post this for him.

For those of you who do not know, Flood Prohibited Rendition (or AKA FloodMod) is a build to survive game where players must spawn, weld, fight, and repeat, as well as buy upgrades for weapons. There are also several maps out there (which I will add here) that bring flood alive.

For the time being, BoingBoing does not have any major additions in sight, but he continues to add small things here and there as well as fix up any issues.


It’s broken. Keep looking :wink:

If you REALLY want it, here’s the download link: (Copy into tortoiseSVN:)


SVN link is incorrect?

Sorry about that, I fixed the link.

URL ‘http://floodmod.googlecode.com/svn/trunk’ doesn’t exist

Fixed again :slight_smile:

What issues are fixed? Changelog please?

Well, to my knowledge BoingBoing hasn’t really been keeping a changelog. You can take a look at his old thread, but at that point, floodmod was pretty much rendered unusable. From then to now, BoingBoing has fixed it up so at least it works now. You can post ideas as well at the 2nd link I posted in the first post.

I remember “find me” was a major dick and a douche.

You mean “IS”. I saw him on Gmod Tower a while back and he was being an asshole by purposely going AFK inside of his suite (this was before the AFK kicker).

And if you would read the GmodTower thread, he told us that he went away from his PC for hours and forgot to exit from gmod…

You I guess what you’re all saying is flood is in the right hands now?

It has alot of issues still. I guessing there being fixed? For one theres some sort of anti-pirate system that shoots me off my own boat. The weapons were non purchasable but that got fixed in a SVN update. Theres a few LUA errors in the console but nothing to horrible. So far this could be very promising. Keep up the work.

Ya, things will get done a lot faster if the bugs either go to BoingBoing directly or on google code. I can pass those along to him when I test flood some more.

If your just editing and adding on to my gamemode it obviously isn’t. That is a horribly coded gamemode, it was my first complete gamemode about a month or two after I started learning lua.


Sounds like he’s breaking it more than he’s fixing it. I didn’t even have the pirate thing in my released version and the weapons worked just fine. Although I don’t think I updated the gamemode to fix the prop protection bug.


Fix the svn url on the google code page, it is different from the fixed one.

I will just be happy if someone fixes it. I love floodmod. :smiley: I just wish there wasnt so many damn bugs :frowning: I cant fix them all, I couldnt fix that last one and I gave up.

Ok, first of all, I’m not the one editing/making/whatevering this gamemode. BoingBoing is. I don’t know why I would cry about you… >.>

He’s actually adding and fixing. I think you’ve just caught him at a bad time though, I haven’t been testing recently, and it looks like people aren’t posting bugs to google code.

Huh? The one on here is going to be slightly different since I made it compatible with TortoiseSVN.

I don’t understand why you’re bashing BoingBoing’s work here, bringing the gamemode to life, if you say:

I think you, boingboing should work together on this…I am running it and can report all bugs but I want in on this, I mean I want your guys steam IDS so we dont have to waste time communicating on here. Gahh. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I sincerely think that FloodMod should be totally recoded, but I’m working on my own gamemode right now so I don’t think its possible for me.

That’s the way props float.

You have absolutely no clue what your talking about. I would know. When you get on the prop it slaps you off 20ft. That is not how the props float. The issue is the anti-Pirating Implementation is not recognizing you have ownership of the props and is excuting the slap which sends you flying. Really now…your going to say that is how they float. I hope that was a joke. >.>