Flood Release

Hello Facepunch Today I Am Releasing My FloodMod, I Started Creating It For The Facepunch Users I May Have Few Posts But Believe Me I Put Lots Of Effort In Theres A List Of Features, Known Bugs, A Way To Donate To The Product & A Download Link Below!

Changelog 21/09/2013 9:30PM
Initial Release
Custom Scoreboard Implemented
Started MySQL Integration (Not Currently Available To The General Public)
Weapon Category System (Buggy As All Hell Fix Coming Within The Next Few Days)
Chat Tags
Money Dupe Fixes
Started Making Guns Easier To Add (Due To The Fact They Are A Pain To Add Currently, Fix Coming In Next Update, Same With Props)
Prop Category System

Known Bugs
VIP Chat Tags Don’t Work
Scoreboard Doesn’t Order Players Under Owner, SuperAdmin ETC
Weapons Are Painful And Take Forever To Add, Same With Props (Fix Coming Soon)
Admin’s No-Clipping Causes A Few Lines Of Random Console Spam
Categories That Are Empty Over Lap Other Categories





YOU Can Use All I Ask Is My Name Is Left In Credits

Just downloaded and installed this works well looking forward to future updates

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needs pics and less annoying typing

Thanks For The Support New Updates Coming Soon :slight_smile:

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Mate, imo typing cant be annoying. because its all the same.

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Honestly the capitalising of each word is unneccesary and is kind of an eyesore.
You should also put some pictures up of the actual game mode in action.

Thanks for the constructive criticism ill launch a server so people can see it in action later

This release seems a little premature based on the ‘known bugs’ section, but it’s got potential! Hopefully you’ll stick around and update it.

Pretty awesome. Buggy though.
Can’t wait for updates. :smiley:

Gonna host a server with this and modify code. Thanks for basic functions :slight_smile:

This’s gonna be a real quality mod, I can tell. Creates his own sock puppet to rate him Lua King and astroturf his mod. :v:


I donated for effort.

Why did I try to help you fix Cider again?

LOL he is claiming to make this when actually, I rented a so called server off of him, and he took my gamemode and started giving it out lol.

And the award for shortest time passed between release and inactivity goes to…

This is a gamemode leak…

No this is a Grand Theft Gamemode, + he is around 11.

I would like to point out 1 thing.

BMatchett obtained his version of flood via this post:


He wrote: “Hello, i need a working copy of flood there will be no payment. Everyone on my recent flood topic said to go to garrysmod.org ya well that’s a fully non working flood mod. If someone could acttuly give me a working copy it would be great thanks.”

For the record your not 1 to talk since i bought this gamemode from you which was not yours to sell in the first place claiming you made this gamemode which is not true because you have no credits anywhere in this gamemode you sent me.

More to the point “pigeon - AKA Henry” has modified the original for people and intends to release it for “NON PROFIT” purposes and from the looks of things id say he is trying to remake the GMOD 10 version made by boingboing or FindMe which is classed as “retro flood”.

On your point abt him being 11 your not much better since your only 12-13 so don’t look down on other people because you do know that its attitudes like this that cause problems where there doesn’t need to be any. Also for the record. This gamemode version that Pigeon is releasing has fixed or will have fixed around 5-10 of them.

For people who want to know the main exploits/bugs with this gamemode is that it was COMPLETELY nulled and works on a flatfile sqllite storage method. (highly recommend MySQL conversion and rewriting the teams and VIP functions as this is where most of the problems stem to)

Sorry to any readers who i may come across as a “Flamer” but i just wanted to get my point across.

P.S. BMatchett stop claiming other peoples work from your own: http://imgur.com/VpT4Q7p

Also if he asks to help you with your server i suggest against it as he is likely to steal parts of code if you send him any.

Kind Regards


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I have managed to get it to a mysql and 80% bug free (only 1’s are scoreboard value loading based)

(grouped team scoreboard etc) - Pigeon if u want help fixing it to default gmod 10 flood layout then look me up. (nitrous-servers Flood)

LOL - why is my code way diffrent in this release than that?

pkminer30, don’t randomly PM people and ask them to help you fix your fucking game mode. I’m not involved in Gmod gamemode development at all, and you obviously did zero research into how useful I might be in fixing up your mode.

Because you said:

Maybe he did take it, but you’re being a hypocrite; you got a public version too.