Flood Remake coder

Looking for some quick cash?
I need somebody to revamp the Flood Remake Mod, The Hud, Scoreboard, add some weapons, power-ups, currently looks like
Revamping Scoreboard
-making all players names grey and making it bit smaller length wise
-moving the waiting for players & funds into a different location preferably bottom of left-handed corner
I know its a shit drawing but Placing “Waiting for Players” “Fight” “Build” phases into the phase section of box when its in that phase along with “money” and “time left(remaining)”
Making the props go into their own category with collapse menu
-Example, Wood props go into “Wood” Metal props go into “Metal” etc.
Also adding a couple of Machine-Guns/Guns (More details further on) also with their own category
-example “Pistols” “Sub-Machine guns” etc.
Adding more Upgrades (Details further on)
also not sure if this goes here :wink: sorry

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Forgot the game mode files

Add me to Steam ?

Steam name?

Just click the steam icon under my name, my Name is Bummie btw

I actually completely remade flood mod with a whole new aspect. I have some videos recorded of it but I never really finished the thing. It was a more challenging aspect as all you had was a physgun, spawnmenu, and a hammer.

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If you want to see it I’ll upload the vids.

Wont hurt :slight_smile: