Flooded Village

'When a nearby dam bursts, this peaceful little village is wiped off the map, leaving only a small lake in the middle of nowhere. People are frustrated trying to find the village, not knowing that the lake they’re staring at is the village.’
So yeah.


Interesting concept, meh execution.
Too much random shit strewn around.

Looks like a part of a city.

I agree with Prismatex. Good idea though.

'Shank you.

I guess it’s one of those modern villages that try to keep up to date but are poor… I don’t know, anyways I like the idea but you really need a bigger water area and the props need to be set differently.

Hmm, might try at a flooded chapel or something.

Do I spy a skeleton?

Yes, yes you do.
Drinkin’ coffee and readin’ the papers when the dam burst.

Shouldn’t the skeleton float up or something? And shouldn’t the paper be destroyed? And if it was a flood, the gnome wouldn’t still be standing. That light looks like it’s still on. I’m starting new sentences when I should be making a list. The bench is hanging off of it halfway but yet still staying up. Pine trees growing under the water (Arguable concept). Boxes were hit by a burst of water flying from a dam, but stayed stacked. How long has it been underwater, because it must’ve been for a long time is the guy has already decayed. That house look ugly, mostly because the bottom is white brick and the top is yellow. If people are looking for it, they should notice a lot of the things in the water. RANDOM PROPS! Lots of broken cars but only one dead guy. What it that red thing coming up from the logs? And why would the town be built in a valley right near a dam? Isn’t that a safety hazard?

My fingers are now tired.

It would be more convincing if the ground texture wasn’t sand.