FloodMod - A lost cause?

Hey everyone, This is pretty much a “post your opinion thread”.

I used to play floodmod back in the day, it was sweet. The official releases have been broken for a really, really long time and barely anyone will bother to fix it or even host it. Because i loved it so much, i wanted to clean it off a bit, improve some things, and put it back up there with some known game-modes. Would this be a good idea? or is Floodmod dead for a very good reason?
Post your opinion on whether or not you’d like to see this gamemode come back. If not, Why?

It was fun when people would actually play the game instead of trying to fuck each other up in the building phase, such as by right clicking their things to attach ropes or sliders to other peoples’ contraptions, or just shoving their props at everyone. This is why some servers restricted almost everything to admins, which just wasn’t fun at all.

Flood is one of those great simple ideas that doesn’t work out due to players.

I’d love to play it with friends, though. A revival could be neat.

A really good map makes this game mode shine, It shouldn’t be too hard to remake.

I would definitely host a small flood server if it ever gets revived.

Uh, don’t all the maps essentially look the same when you actually get to the fighting phase, a giant body of water?

I’ve always found FloodMod to be excruciatingly boring ever since the first time I played it…

In my opinion; why do people bother with it? But hey, if you want to then go ahead.

Sure it does, you just need good, active admins.

Pretty much agree with Monkeys. Flood is great, just when you get the moderation going on right. It doesn’t require much more than that.

I think a simple addition would help the gamemode a lot: Teams.

Flood mod is fun, but if you could create teams, or gangs, and play together against those other evil bastards… that would make it better I think.

But you already can. You can give prop permissions to someone which technically makes you in the same team as them, with much more flexibility.

I love betraying team-mates when I become powerful enough, it gives a lot of satisfaction.

So, if i denied any sort of before-game minge-ing, as well as enforce some of the rules gamemode-side a bit better, this could actually work out? Id just need to code in some strict-ish prop protection, as well as enemy props phasing through other players (Beginning of round, so people dont propkill. Itd be cool to have this during the round, but then people couldn’t steal boats)

No, gamemodes don’t need to be strict or over protected. They just need a good set of moderators and clever coding. I’m going to remake flood mod sometime in the future for gmod13, although if you are going to try now I’ll give you some tips.

Prop protection:
Instead of making a bunch of silly rules, just make it so props don’t collide with other players props unless they are on the same team/prop protection. This is one major and easy fix to stop prop pushing and minging boats before the round starts.

Mid game “Pirating” protection:
Be clever with this one, don’t make it stupid like I did the first time how it just flings you up into the sky. Maybe once the pirate gets on someone elses boat, replace only the pirates weapons with a knife and enable pvp for the boat owner(and the people on his prop protection list) vs the pirate. This way if someone wanted to try and steal a boat, they would not only have to be sneaky but careful as guns are way stronger then a knife.

That will get rid of a majority of the problems people face when they try and play the game for real and not be a moron.

Other tips:
REDO the way props are priced. When I did it, I did it in a matter of hours just so I could get that part of the gamemode functioning and never got back to fixing it. Props are completely skewed price/strength wise. A lot of large/better props are cheaper then a majority of the props that don’t even float.

REDO the gun system, as that was also a few hour crap thrown together job. It can be done in a muchhh nicer and more convenient way.

Add more then just guns-perks, bonuses, weapons for pirates(besides just a knife), blah blah blah. Attention grabbers, flood mod is already well known with not much to do after you play it a few hundred times. Add some more zing to it.

The timer system should be similar to the Flood Mod 2 version, the first one is a ton of terrible usermessages and garbage.

Yes Flood Mod is pretty dead, mainly because the gamemode was stolen soon after I got it “barely functioning” as a gamemode. Which is why it got released so shitty to the public. I would love to see it as a thriving gamemode in gmod13, but only if it is done right. If you or someone else doesn’t get around to it I will eventually. Good luck though, if you ever need any help just let me know.

This was my fault I loved the game-mode and seeing it a year after your server went down I regretted what I did, the reason it was good back then was because it didn’t have shitty anti pirate protection etc.

Trying to take credit for stealing the code? lol ok. But it wasn’t you that took it, I know who it was. You might have set up a flood server after the gamemode was taken and released but that’s about it.

Might I ask what the person who did stole its name was?

Someone with a fake server hosting site, that’s how he got my stuff. I don’t feel like telling you his name, maybe he will post one day. (:

Coding a flood isn’t really that hard. I once made a working flood for a community, but right before it was finished the community died.
I’d like to see it come back, but not released to the public ( the gamemode ).
If it would be released to public, it would spread as hell and the bad flood edit’s would be reborn.

These are all great ideas. Im not 100% on the piracy aspect of the game, but it could work. Needless to say, i’d pour alot of effort into the new FloodMod so that it doesnt get boring quickly.

I just so happen to be re-coding flood from scratch (for GM13). I’m polishing, balancing, and adding my own twists and whatnot to it to make it original and fun.

Flood mod is great I can’t play it for hours like TTT but its a blast. My problem with floodmod at the moment is its too repetitive. Seems like one style of boats wins the round EVERY time atleast on sharpshooters. If you could polish it up a little bit and make it dynamic and not cookie cutter fuck ya!