Floor Grill & Defecate

I wanna take a dump on someone’s head…

hadri dont get me wrong sometimes you have pretty good suggestions but this one is by far the Ultimativly worst you ever made

Ha sorry, I’m in one of those crazy moods!

actually is a good ideia, if the food we eat become poop, like the orange bar start turnning in brown color, it can’t eat more that amount of value, and you need dumb, if you get like 80% of brown bar, you become slow and less accurated in actions. the same with water bar, become more yellow and the player need piss. i think the 2 bars need be half in middle too

can have hygen bar, and this one… no sense stuff nevermind

Please no. I don’t want rust becoming a poopfest like ark is.

I regret starting this thread…

poopfest! like monkey cell in zoo hdsuahdasudhashudhaudhau

What the hell does the floor grill even do? Is it just a floor you can see though?

pretty much.

that’s a bit like asking what the new fence panels “do”. they are just alternatives to the default block:)

I guess I was hoping for a big floor grill that shoots fire out or something

Well here’s the thing… If we actually made it realistic where he pops a squat and really pushes that baby out. I think we could have something we could enjoy. Maybe pissing as well? I don’t know about you guys, but shitting on someones corpse is probably the new teabagging if it were added.

Just put campfires underneath…makes an excellent sauna

I think he means for base defense.