floor sign!

i was wondering if anyone could amke a wet floor sign using the material found in portal\materials\models\props_facemovie\wet_floor_sign. itd be really good to have ingame!

If you just happen to own either L4D1 or L4D2 one of them has a wet floor sign.

HLS also has one but it’s ugly.

He’s not asking for just any floor sign. The one in the directory the OP gave is an easter egg left there by the developers. It’s basically a reference to that one scene in 300 where that guy kicks that other guy into that one bottomless hole.

I want this as well.

I’m pretty sure the hole has a bottom. Otherwise, it would mean the hole goes all the way through the core of the planet and connects to the other side. It would mean that black guy was still falling as the movie ended.

and that would rule, i didnt know there were any wet floor signs in l4d but i still think itd be cool to have this one, is any one up tp making it?