Floor Strength

With the new “inside” and “outside” stats of walls, what is the strength of floors/ceilings as they cannot be rotated? For example, is it still 3 C4 for an armored floor, or 6 C4?


Explosives break the floors before they break a wall. Thats how my loot gets destroyed most of the time.

yea sounds to be they don’t have the recent buff that the walls have had - can someone confirm?

this changes my base design - I used to make towers, but the raider can just “drill” up through the weaker ceilings once they’re through an outer wall

In fact the top of the ceiling got the boost and the bottom remains like it was, so basically, rotating (if even possible) would not do anything, it’s a up/down thing and you cannot change it.

Ah thanks chap. Just to clarify which way is which, if I look up at the ceiling which is the floor of the floor above me, am I looking at the strong side?

The strong side would be the floor side that you would stand on. If you’re looking up at a ceiling (underside of a floor), that’s the weak side.

Crunch already replied but let me rephrase… Earth side is weak, Sky side is strong.