Fluffy chickens !

well it seems like garry is making animals infected now starting with the fluffy chickens that try to devour you with their big ass mouths that they open with all those teeth. http://www.facepunchstudios.com/2013/09/04/fluffy-chickens-for-everyone/

Yeah its an interesting idea… I’m not a fan myself but only cause its not the direction I thought the game would take (mind set being are to be zombies temporary, a survival game without the horror). Still, I’m liking where its heading with other areas, I am hoping that it becomes the EvE of survival games.

And at night the freakiest monsters come out and play,
rabid bulldozer rhino rams your wall down, spawn saplings, bezerk’ya while you hide in the corner screaming.
Creatures you can hear but you wont know when they appear,
prefible in a devastating sand storm making you wanna rage quit.

Serious note though, the scarier the better.
Dont think I eat chicken again :stuck_out_tongue:

Those things should be really powerful on a noPvP server. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fully agree, I think those types of zomboid animals would be a lot more suitable for the PVE server, since you don’t have any threat from players you could have some challenge with npcs.

Regarding the PVP server maybe it won’t be such a good idea (if this animal is ‘powerful’ as it seems to be) since its the Player vs Player aspect that matters the most.

just sayin…

Yeah infected animals, idea sounds great ^^, chickens, cows, pigs sheeps, bears, deers and spiders (ugly) so on… with brutal faces and claws xD. Looking forward. Great for PVE

If infection can do that to a chicken what the hell is it going to do to a bear

PvE server is officially fucked

And I would love it! You have nothing better to do on a PvE server, so bring it on!

It’s a chicken version of the amnesia grunt :v:

I really hope they add some more horror-esque mutated animals that are hard to distinguish from other things in game.

I have a small idea about a creepy mutated crab/spider hybrid with crab like claws and spider fangs, that fuses it’s lower main body with a rock. It would normally look like a rock, the only difference being a small bit of fungus on the upper rock body, and the fact it’d shuffle about slowly and make a few noises at times.

I shiver at the thought of such a spider-crab.

Run up to random rock, hit it with the pickaxe and. … suddenly a large spider-crab stands up on it’s freakishly long and slender legs, turns around and starts fucking you up. Hard to kill and inflicts poisonous bites.

Sounds like fun times.

like Arac Attack xD, yes and big rats. And what about Water?

can we please make the game easier please? xP

seems I can’t go hunting anymore because of wolves, bears, people, zombies, and radiation,
guess I have to hide from chickens now.

Maybe mutated carnivorous plants too. disguised as edible bushes (if they add them in game)

Fluffy bushes? :v:

mutated venus fly trap is a good idea though

yea i agree, maybe some sort of spitter that can poison you or slow you down too

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i think i read somewhere before that Garry wants to make a huge monster that destroys entire base’s, maybe some sort of world boss that spawns randomly every day? and maybe has some sort of parasitic trash mob that sprouts from it’s back and crawls off of him and attacks people on the ground fighting him? that would be cool i think but maybe it sounds too MMOish

Immediately thought of

Not to much mops but a few infected animals. Like these who you re hunting for eat xD. Only figthing with mops is gay.