Fluffyservers Community



No need to create MORE threads.

I know that, it was a mistake, since a friend of mine made a deal wich never came off.

Hmm, I’ll check this out, then.

This community looks promising.

The server is currently down due to the hosters that we got is updating something.

edit - Server back up

i hate this community, someone of your admins was minging on one of my servers.

You haven’t been on the server, if you are going to post random stuff, why are you here? you do not have better things to do?

I guess not?

Seems like garry/xenonservers fucked something up once again.

Edit - I’m working on that the npcs drops loot only, you can not buy armor and weapons, except from the market.

edit - Server will be down for now, until tommorow

Lol Furry servers.


We’re getting a new server, and i’m fixing the underdone one atm.

If you want, feel free to suggest a gamemode for it.

sorry for double posting

edit - the underdone server is fully working, editing it a bit, but it’s up.


Fixed the shops, added a few new npcs,2 more quests, some new items.

Making the donator shop now

I think you should get more people working on this, so as to fix the tiny errors you seem to be missing.

Indeed, but its only me in the underdone team or whatever to call it, but i encourage our players to make their own quests and items.

since we got a guide on how to do that on the forums

2 words:

Bad Idea!


already added quite a few of player given quests, and they are only accepted if they are good enough and fits the other quests.

Actually I hate tons of crap I gotta download.

I also hate VIP :colbert:

Replaced the underdone with lite rp for now :slight_smile: making a big update on the underdone until i add it again.

and theres not much to download :slight_smile: