Fluid Loading Screen

This is a simple loading screen I’ve made from boredom, and it was actually released 2 months ago on github, and now I finally got around to post it here on FP :v: Anyways, enjoy using it, and if you find any bugs and/or have any requests, please use the issue tracker on GitHub.

GitHub: https://github.com/jonnyboy0719/fluid-loading


  • 4 pre-made templates which you can use
  • Can use 12 different backgrounds, and use map specific backgrounds
  • Music with customizable volume, and boxart
  • Supports Soundcloud and YouTube Lists
  • Support for Handsome Matt’s Achievements

Features Coming Soon:

  • DarkRP MySQL Character reading (If you got MySQL setup)

Current Issues:

  • None so far


There is absolutely nothing “fluid” about gmod’s loading screen.

Just thought of something and used it, to late to change its stupid name.

Oh god, more loading music

This is a really awesome design though for people who love using slideshows!

I personally do not like this loading screen as the actual ‘information’ doesn’t pop out enough. But I suppose, that varies on the background image.

I blacklist servers that play music. (Well, I don’t remember if I can do that in G-Mod, but regardless I just ignore their servers.)

Thank you so much man! This is a very nice loading screen!

It’s free, what do you expect.

I like this loading screen

I don’t mean to bash a fellow swede into the ground, but the PHP code is sloppy, the file structure is outrageous and the templates are not responsive - which means that players with lower resolutions will have issues with it. I really hope you keep on tinkering with this and perhaps make it Object Orientet PHP atleast.

However I like the design you’ve chosen to go with, perhaps you could intergrate them with my OpenLoad? That would be sweet.

Yeah, the PHP ain’t even good nor perfect :v: I only spent 1-3hrs on this (I think, not really sure anymore since i started on this a few months ago). After that, I didn’t really work on it, Might give it a new huge update in the near future to make it better on the PHP part since I still gotta learn more PHP. (it isn’t my strongest point atm). But other than that, I can make the design work with OpenLoad when I get time to do so.

Thanks for the feedback tho! :slight_smile:

How would you go about changing the white font for the description? It looks pretty bad on some backgrounds.

This actually looks really nice.

It doesnt look so nice when you are actually using it as a loading screen. Its very glitchy for most of the players on my server.

How do you even install this?

I’m sorry, What?

Oh, um. I think he said how do we install this.

JonnyBoy you forgot to add step for step “Installation” for the extra downs

I don’t speak moron, sorry. :frowning:

Its a simple “install”, you basically put it somewhere on your web host (that support PHP of course) and then head into lib/config.php and insert your SteamAPI key (everything is commented in the config file, so it should be easy).