Flyable Helicopter

A working helicopter for Gmod!
-working gun
-can drop bombs
-realistic movement
-and much more

Just install it like any other addon.

That´s freakin sick!Awesome!!!

Haha! That’s great.

I do think it’s funny though because wouldn’t you get all chopped up if you jump out of a heli?

Not if you’d jump out of it from the side I’d think, though I may be wrong.

tot is suuuuu awsome!(I ment: THAT IS SO AWESOME)

That’s amazing! Nice work :slight_smile:

Sweet, I have a couple of questions.

  1. Will this conflict with the parachute if I already have it installed?

  2. Will you add in the bombing run mode that drops three constant streams of bombs, like in the canals in HL2?

Other than that, this is awesome.

O i forgot to rate you LUA king.
Oh yeah
It is gone :frowning:

  1. I haven’t tested, but in theory, it shouldn’t.
  2. I’d rather not see that in the hands of a mingebag, so no, unless someone finds me a good reason to do it anyway.

can you kill people with the blades?

No, the helicopter model doesn’t even collide there, so if I wanted to do that, it would require a lot of work, and it would probably increase lag too much.

Nice work yarrofdoom, this looks so nice.

Here’s a decent reason. The helibombs only do enough damage to light a headcrab on fire, whereas a pistol shot can kill a headcrab instantaneously.

And no, they don’t collide. BUT it totally fucks you over when you trigger the parachute by accident while still in the chopper.

Aw shit, how could I look over that when testing? Parachute fix on the way!


There was a gmod 9 mod i remember that put you in noclip, gave you a gun and bomb swep and made you look like a helicopter, this seems like an improvement of those thanks to FLY scripts!

Ok noob question how do i get in the helicopter?

Press your use-button near it, like any other vehicle.

Glad I could help. And about the bombing run option?

Can there be a first person view? I can’t see past the Helicopter to aim…

Hmm, I am having a problem with it. When I get in the helicopter, my camera is inside the Helicopter… And I have Tons of addons, so going through one by one would take forever unless you could do that in game. Do you know a certain addon that causes this? Or another way to fix it, Because that would be a great help.