Flyable Huey Helicopter

This Helicopter has been in development by Lifecell and myself for a while now.
It’s a fully functional Huey developed to be as realistic as we could make it.
It is still in development and new features and improvements will be implemented over time.

If your downloading via SVN get both the Air vehicles system and the Huey svn.
SVN- [release] Vehicles System Both SVN’s are required.[/release]



Upon pushing use on the Huey you will be greeted by a display of gadgets (HUD), mostly for asthetics but they do work, including a compass .


[release]Bind your own controls via this Console command “AVehicles_vgui_keys”

Pushing R starts the engine.

Pushing W will tilt the Huey forwards causing the Heli to travel forwards at a speed directly proportional to how much throttle you apply.

Pushing S will tilt the Huey Backwards in much the same way as the Huey travels forwards.

Pushing SPACE Increases the ammount of lift/power. Tapping this key is a great way to achieve a smooth take off.

Pushing CTRL Decreases the ammount of lift/power. Use this in conjunction with SPACE to achieve and obtain a hover when level.

Pushing Q and E tilt the Huey to the left and right. this is usefull for adjusting and trimming when using all the other controls.

Pushing A and D turn the Heli left and right. Using this whilst the Huey is engaged in forward flight leaves the Heli at an awqward angle. Correct this with Q and E.

Pushing V will change the view.

Pushing X will make you exit the Heli.

MOUSE 1 Fires the turret.

Lifcell - Most of the code.
Me - HUD materials, Huey materials edit, Paying votekick to add animations to the Huey model.
Votekick- adding animations to the Huey model.
The Spike- For his original Huey model.

Not tooo make a pointless post; However the SVN for air vehicles is currently:


Shouldn’t it be



wow another flyable heli ? awesome!! keep up the good work!

This looks amazing.

The HUD elements are brilliant!

The second SVN site needs a username/password and it’s not any of the usual obvious ones.

Humn, I’ll sort it out later. For now download from :smiley:

This looks incredible!, First Helicopter i’ve seen with a HUD that looks decent.

Holy shit! Amazing! I love you.

Really need an SVN password

change https to http

Needs destructability!

It has it…

I’ll edit that in the main post.

how about we fly ur mom

Sweet, now we have something to compliment the Littlebird. :smiley:

Would it be possible to make the mouse control pitch?

Yes, it would be possible.

You say it is destructible but i have tried with everything and it is still in one piece o_o I even tried to nuke it and nothing :x

Any answer ?

Its because it is incredibly strong. Get in and on the right, you’ll see a little thing saying “Damage”.

i fucking lol’d at that lawl

Many settings including strength can be easily edited in aVehicle_Huey\lua\entities\avehicle_Huey\settings.
If you want to make it blow up more easliy edit line “95 ENT.DamageSystem.HullMax = 9000” and change it to something like “95 ENT.DamageSystem.HullMax = 1000”