Flyable Puddle Jumper

CBF, don’t care anymore.

Great job and keep up the good work!
P.S Thank you votekick and lightdemon.
I will give you guys my babies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent work.

Now I have to come up with a third jumper launcher that is meant for the bigger model lol.

Well I make make the jumper slightly shorter, it seems to be a little too long to me.

Would be good if I could make a poll,
Shorten the jumper?
Don’t Care

Looks cool. :science:Jumpers are fun

I think you should only be able to fire the drones when the drive pods are open. That’s how I’ve seen it on the show.

I finally figured out how to use the boost thing. I’m special, for sure.

There’s an odd bug with the drones. When you tell them to track a target, they don’t actually track a target; they fly to a certain spot on the map, like they’re trying to get to a spot under the ground.
It’s… bizarre.

Can you make a animation for when the drive pods go out for some reason I am just not impressed with that also they seem kind of bare. But other than that very nice.

Nice work so far Votekick, i think the length of the jumper seems fine to me, but that’s just my opinion.

Apostrophe you have to feed the jumper X Y Z coords for the drones to target. If you fire with out wire inputs they head for the 0 0 0 spot on the map.

Video Removed

See this way we don’t need to make any changes.

Drones have wire support for a reason, its so that you can make the drones track players or anything else. If you watch my video you should be able to see how its done, though remember the beacon sensor needs to have output GPS coordinates and for the target finder, remember to check “don’t track owner” which I actually didn’t do in my video.


I should also point out, I know almost nothing about lua code, I am no lua king, you would have to give those to LightDemon.

yey :smiley:

Where are the alpha gates located? I can’t find them…


and here.

Great work i love your puddle jumper votekick.
I get a black and pink pattern thrue the window when i boost the jumper. and it would be great with some animations


oh i forgot there should be a controller for the door too

LightDemon has that worked out(will be a wire input), but we’re waiting until I add the DHD to the model before another Update.


As for the Black and Pink pattern, that may be because you don’t have that texture. It’s part of the Spacebuild Models pack which also has my original Jumper Model, you can either download that or wait until the next update, I don’t actually fly in first person view anyway.

okey but it would be great if you inclueded it

Read what is in bold.

I don’t see a message in my inbox asking if you could do this.
Not that I really object because you’ve left credit and such, but it’s a courtesy coders usually extend to each other.

Does it have a sound when it cloaks and when flying? Videos don’t show it.

They way it’s controlled looks just like the Shuttle(Catdaemon).