Flyiiing. Flying hiiiiigh.

flying soldiers



(User was banned for this post ("NSFW Avatar" - Uberslug))

It’s cool, can’t see anything to complaing so I’ll just rate you

Was I the only one thinking ‘goddamn cliffracers’ when I saw the title? :ninja:

Anyway, lookin good.

I’m sorry to do this, but i see it in almost every one of your pictures.

I always see those errors, if you didn’t make a new picture every hour then you’d probably spend more time on the details.

Plus that strange dotty’ness that makes my monitor look dirty.

Basically what GoldenBullet already said.
And the motion blur around the soldier looks like as if his shadow was following him.

Eep. Gotta redo that picture then sometime :x

I thought so too.

I believe I can flyyyyy… I believe I can touch the skyyyy…

No, but pretty good besides the isolation errors :unsmith:

I like how the border got motion blurred

The fuck was his avatar?

A woman being penetrated.


Wrong posing.
Wrong camera angle.
Bad filtering.
Pointless resolution.

Nothing good.

I just noticed someone edited the original pic in my post.

You’re the only person who’s edited your post bro

Mmh, well I didn’t put that picture in.