Flying Bird

Hello i have released flying bird to and i would like you to download it

if that you dont like it please give me a comment what i can do better and please
write to me if any bugs happens on the adv_dupe file

Please contact me at one of them

My E-Mail:
My Steam: ********
My Skype: Per-Pem

Please visit our website at

____P & M Productions
1.To install extract to c:/program files/steam/steamapps/your name/garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_dublicator

  1. It requires this for work Wiremod & Phx & Adv_dublicator

  2. Controls
    W: Foward
    A: Left
    D: Right
    SPACE: Up in air

Copyright © - 2009

______________ P & M Productions________________

Ummm it’s nice that you made this, but no need to post it as if you made something completely “big”, with copyright info and etc


an… Ornithopter?

A What!

okay thanks for rules i think

Your thread belongs there, not here.

Then i will post it thre instead can i delete this tread?

no, you just bumped it.