Flying hack in Rust?

Just a quick video, saw this. Sorry for the shortness of it i just quickly saw it and turned the recording on. Anyone able to explain this?


i beg to differ.

I invoke Betteridge’s Law of Headlines.

The game is in alpha. Shit like this is going to happen constantly, and it’s actually a good thing that these are being found out and exposed, because then they get fixed before release.

This is true, i was just joking around with the whole end of the world thing.

Like 30 new threads have been created every day in the last week by people who are most emphatically not joking while acting like it’s the end of the world that their shit’s getting ruined by hackers.

Someone actually compared it to car accidents and violent crime. As if it should be treated the same and is as damaging as those to society.

He landed near me then jumped to the airdrop (unlucky for him i’m a server admin) lel xoxo.