Flying Island

This was supposed to be an island that floats in the sky, but we made it into a 3 story house. (made by Tweak, Genkaz and I)
Pics and video:

I would like to see this with lifesupport in spacebuild!

Haha awesome job dude, looks sexy.

That reminds me, I was gonna make a floating island a while back. I should go ahead and finish it.

You’ve finally made something I like, nice

Lol at the Gman just casually lounging on the bed.

Actually I think that was supposed to be a sexy pose.


Also, what did you use for the thruster effects?

The fireplace finished it.

I couldn’t see the video because this netbook sucks asshole, but does it actually float in the sky? Or is it just frozen there.

It looks too stable to be floating self-supportingly, at the very least it must have been frozen for the video.

I like the architecture, but you could try another wall texture. anyways, rated artistic :slight_smile:

Wayyyy better than the tube fort or whatever.

This is actually really cool.

is it frozen or does it actually float?

It is quite frozen, it was meant to be a relatively stationary creation.

The wall material is bit plane

It’s supposed to look futuristic.

I really like the pool :v:

How do you make the water?

the predator material

looks like waves

Thought it was lame. Then i saw the video.
Pictures really don’t do it justice. Now i think it’s awesome.