Flying islands (fairly large scenebuild)

gm_flatgrass and no edit.

What’s your opinion about the path? (from house to bridge- to table, from bridge to that round thing)
I have never really thought using like that before.

flatgrass angle:

Here all pic. I made in gmod except the newest and prev. image:

Prev. image:

Awesome idea. Sweet build as usual.

Shame we can’t really see all the detail, like that fancy building off to the right of the screen.

fucking hell.

All you gotta go now is turn that scene into an actual map.

looks incredible. you can easily see that you spent a lot of time on this

This is the best one so far.

I went oh yes when I saw it was kalixx1 thread. Beautiful.
My only complaint must be the brightness of the light. Was a tad much.

by the way, can you please tell me which props you used to create the landscape and the water?

Where’s that helicopter model from? It looks like the EP2 one but it’s rotors aren’t folded

That’s just a thing from Sin with a few addition. I think everything else is onscreen.
Anyway, thanks. Usually you pick more problems to write about :slight_smile:

There is a map similar to this. Those islands are close to the ground and the house is a desolate one. Sadly I don’t remember the map name.

You could be right. As I watchd it I got red eyes over time. Usually this not happens.

The landscape models are from Zeno Clash. Unfortunately they have no bottom. I used Dark Messiah rocks with fitting Oblivion material/color to build the bottom all around.
The water is the same rectangle as the big background with my water material on it. I used one of the deckchair to cover the hanged out part.

Yes, it’s the unfolded EP2 helicopter.

I would be more happy if you would commented the paths as I asked but thank you for your posts anyway. I assume it’s fine.

Very nice idea, it has a great atmosphere to it as well!

10/10 for me.

dont worry, everything looks great


I want your save files.

I had a feeling you’d still be using them Dark Messiah Mountains :v:

Great stuff man, real nice. Also you should get a gold title saying “THE MAN WHOM ONCE BUILT THEE HEAVENS!”

Pretty awesome, kinda looks like that one dx11 tech demo.

Where the hell is that sky prop from?

Amazing as usual.


Where did you get that Orca whale in the pool?
I want a orca model.

you should make more screens of your scenebuild, so we can see all the details you put in