Flying Offroad Restaurant Heliplane Communications Vehicle

Me, Tweak and Killer346 built this. Right as we we’re trying to dupe this, the server crashed. Just like last time. At least we got the pictures. Here it is.

A fine piece of work, I tell you what.

I concur. Very well done.



dish and roof thing WERE MY IDEAS OMG STEALER

Can it do a barrel roll?

Does it serve tacos?

lol so random XD

I need to join the server more often.

I take it this is your entry for the Omnicar? It had better be.


im drANKJ as shit and i sa Y this is S$HIUTIITTT!!!111 DD_D_dd

best contraption evar

Oh god what


Reminds me of Howl’s Moving Castle.

The FUUUUUUU- makes the welds seem flimsy. But that’s just me.

i’m liking these unmaterialized vanilla contraptions gunski, makes me want to play gmod again

Its not too often that you see this kind of originality on the forums…
Well done.

Oh dear