Flying ragdolls crashing server

I’ve been going trough the web to find a fix for this. as far I really couldnt find a good fix.

On my TTT server it occasionally happens that a rag doll starts flying around and eventually crashes the server. At first I’ve always thought this was cause custom player models but now I’ve experienced it with the standard skins either.
It’s getting annoying as well for me as a server owner as for the people playing that the server crashes now and then when this occurs. I couldn’t find any fixes I found some old links on Google what links to FP but seems like these threads has been removed or are not visible for me.

Is their anyone who have the same problems or knows a fix for this?

Thanks in advance.

Ragdoll Remover

I must say that his spams the chat allot. also it’s kinda buggy as I’ve seen body’s get frozen just becouse they got killed?

Any knows something else or is this pure configuration?

You should edit the velocity rates for your server, don’t put them too high or it won’t work.