Flying Saucer

Good Morning.

I was playing with my friend yesterday and we a huge flying saucer at night above the map (not at the edges, where we cannot reach") it pretty dark inside with all outline with a bright light. My friend was who saw that, we were just hunting at fulll dark when he saw it. althoug it gone to the top of montain we could not climb it cause it was completely dark.

Its a a kind of some rare event that drop any kind of loot or just a easter egg?

I saw it too. It didn’t look like a flying saucer; more like a giant blue portal that quickly shrunk until it disappeared entirely.

What would happen if we were to build a tower high enough to step through the portal? :stuck_out_tongue:

it started out as a graphical bug and its never been fixed so i think garry will have some sort of motive for it

exactly that dude! u are right seems to be more a portal then a flying saucer. i tried to climb the montain to touch it or see if something were left there, but it was pit dark.

I knwo that its a game but i become pretty scared when i saw that. i will play with fraps open now on to capture it.

Maybe “graphicly bugged” , but i don’t think its a bug at all. something was programmed to be there. could be a night supply drop, or something else just with a texture bug, but its dont seems to be random generated “flying bug”. its freak.

Its just bugged clouds, with inverted colors lol

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the bug has existed forever

They are talking about the aurora borealis…
It is a graphical bug that hasn’t been ( And I hope it wont ) fixed.
It doesn’t “Drop” anything

lol Mr garys could transform it on a flying saucer now as a rare event blueprint spaw, because its kinda scary and made me pay attention to everything on the game from that on.

just have been playing for 2 days.