Flying walls? WTF

Hi guys,so near our village there happened a thing like that
Can anybody tell me wtf is that?

Can you build like that?

just epic i wonder how that is done

That looks pretty cool TBH :v:

I would build a fortress on that but i am afraid of being banned xD

I don’t like it, i can imagine how people can exploit this. Everyone will make a flying house and things like that.
I think if you remove a pillar, this will take effect on the ceiling and the wall, sending the player an alert message like “if you remove this pillar, the ceiling will be removed as well, are you sure? REMOVE - CANCEL”

Just an example.

Last night Pat messed up during a reset or something (was early in the morning for me), then had to rollback the map (to a point right before the reset) and there seemed to be a few missing walls resulting in things like this.

But its build all above water,no way it could be created by legimate player ( looks like a hacker work maybe beacuse its a bridge made from foundations,it sticks to the mountain)