Flying your colours at your base

Now that we have the SteamID, being used for skin colour, lets have a flag(s) we and our friends can fly at our bases that show our SteamID colours.
That way when that naked kills me with his rock, I can search out his base and take down his flag. In my dreams :slight_smile:

Bet people get banned for having Swastika Flags

No, the flag would just show your colour, no graphics.
Obviously 6 different coloured flags would mean RAID TIME or Raider beware.
I know I have mentioned before about placing targets on power Newmans. This is another way I suppose. Want to be king of the server, and flaunt it, here is your chance.

I’d prefer custom flags, would be much more interesting to see what people choose to do.

this would be mine of course;)

Right, so my flag would be a sort of brown color, while my neighbours flag would be a slightly more coffee-brown color, and my enemies flag would be entirely different, caramel-brown. Not to be confused with his neighbour, who is a slightly more beige shade of brown, and the guy on the other side who’s beige-brown color is altogether darker…

Hmm… not really sure how this flag idea of yours is gonna work…

I have perceptive eyes when it comes to the one who kills me. I never forget a face or colour.
Look at those eyes in my avatar. How could I possibly get my neighbours mixed up :slight_smile:

That sounds so bad.

I am of course referencing the OP. It was just heard bad.

Why not a flag you can paint in game yourself with your mouse, this would be using basic colors from plants, or blood if you want.

Granted people would probably just draw penises all the time.

I would like signs on your house that you can write on.

I actually really like this idea. I know “signs” are on the trello board already, but this is an interesting spin on it.